Placement Test - Intermediate

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Answer the Following Questions With Complete Sentences

1) - How long does it take you to have dinner?
2) - Where would you rather travel to on your next vacation?
3) - Chris will have a dificult test. What had she better do?
4) - What are you able to do well?
5) - At what time are you supposed to arrive at the office / school?

Change the following sentences from direct to indirect speech

He said to her, "I don't like to get up early."
He told her he didn't like to get up early.
1) - I asked him, "Are you feeling well?".
2) - Tom said to his brother, "Don't take my records without asking me."
3) - The wife asked her husband, "Why didn't you cut the grass?."
4) - Helen said to him, "I can't understand the lesson."
5) - The boss said to us, "You'll have an increase in December."

Fill in the blanks with WHO, WHOM, WHICH, or WHOSE

1) - The Smiths called the doctor  office is near their house.
2) - The restaurant  you recommended me is very good.
3) - The girl to  you were talking is one of my best friends.
4) - He is the man   asked for a tour guide.
5) - The book  cover is blue is mine.

Fill in the blanks using to get + particle in the right tense with the corresponding meaning

1) - The boys  home very late last nigth.
2) - Peter can't  the stairs very fast because he hurt his leg.
3) - I want to know how you're going to  without the keys.
4) - When i saw her, she was already  the bus.
5) -  of here immediately! I don't want to see you again.

Choose the correct tense for the second sentence

1) - I'll buy a new car if...
2) - If i were you...
3) - Our team would have won if...
4) - If it rains...
5) - If we hadn't studied...

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