Placement Test - Breaking Free

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Answer the Following Questions With Complete Sentences

1) - Do you get up late on weekends?
2) - What does a school secretary do?
3) -Would they like to play the piano?
4) - When did your sister use the computer?


1) - Can I use your car, please ?
2) - How are you?
3) - Thanks a lot.
4) - What time is it?

Choose the right words from the box to complete the mini-dialogs

1) - A: _______ you have time to study today?
B: No, I won’t.
2) - A: __________Sandra want a cell phone?
B: Yes, she wants a cell phone.
3) - A: Did you play sports last night?
B: Yes, I ___________ sports last night.
4) - A: Did you friends give you a CD-ROM?
B: No, they didn’t ____________ me a CD-ROM.

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