Placement Test - Advanced

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Choose the appropriate alternative

1) - She was  that she was an actress.
2) - The telephone receiver is off the .
3) - When did you  that information?
4) - He's used to   at night.
5) - When he was single, he used to sleep after lunch. It means that:

Choose the best alternative

1) - I  Dr. Martin this afternoon. I have an appointment at 4 o'clock.
2) - They moved into  in the mountains.
3) -  i don't like math very much, i've always had good marks in the tests.
4) -  her beauty and money Mary is not snobbish.
5) - I will go with you   you don't ask me to drive.

Choose the correct word to complete the sentences. Use an appropriate verb tense:

1) - I hate when Steven  like that. (show off/set up/set off)
2) - Helen always  to go to work. (dress up/stand out/dress out)
3) - Before giving the test to the teacher, you should  it  . (look over/look down on/look up)
4) - Stella doesn't know why she lets Daniel  her  . (go down/talk into/go into)
5) - A lot of money  this new project. (be off/go into/go off)

Choose the correct verb to complete the sentences

1) - I can't help  at her. It's love at first sight.
2) - Ben and Jill  taking a writing therapy course.
3) - What do you avoid  ?
4) - We  talking to the hacker on the telephone.
5) - Amanda denied  the e-mail.

Choose the appropriate alternative

1) - Mr. Brown is always postponing to the dentist.
2) - She said something unpleasant during her speech. She wishes she that.
3) - You shouldn't have bought imported books. You a lot for them.
4) - They had a...  morning that day.
5) - Foreigners  do not understand American slang may become confused when they talk to Americans.

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